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Nous accompagnons les porteurs de projet

Starting a business is an exciting adventure, but it is not without pitfalls; this is borne out by the statistics of companies that disappear within 3 years of their creation.

Because the creation, the byout or the development of a company can’t be improvised, we guide you to the success of your entrepreneurial project.

Whether you are a designer, a future entrepreneur or an employee with a project, our consulting offer has been specially designed for you. We support you in various stages: from start-up help for your project, from the creation of a brand identity to increase visibility and awareness, to the definition of a strategy to find new customers.

We have implemented various tools and specific methods to effectively meet the needs.

"By doing, we are wrong sometimes, by doing nothing, we are always wrong."."
Romain Rolland


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A dedicated consultant for your project takes care of all aspects of your project according to the stage in which he is involved

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Road map of a company creation

Discover our courses

1- From idea to project

Trouvez une idée de business grâce à notre accompagnement en stratégie

It is not easy to switch from a function and an employee mentality to an business leader mentality!

Creating your company, live from your new business requires qualities, skills and behaviours to develop.

This brings a lot of questions: Will I be up to it? Is this the right moment? Is my idea the right one? Will I be taken seriously? Will my family support me? What will my family think? Will my service / product interest people?

You want to get started, but you do not really have a concrete idea to create your business?
We can highlight development axes according to your desires and passions.
This first meeting is the stage that will lay the foundations of your entrepreneurial adventure.

Do you have an idea and would you like to know if it is feasible? Do not neglect this reflection.
The evaluation of his idea is to the creation of a company what the foundations are to the construction of a house.

It is important to take stock of yourself, your skills as well as your motivations. Is this project adapted to your situation, your personal and professional life?

Developing a market study that is consistent with the realities of your industry is not easy if you do not have the knowledge.
This is a very important step that should not be overlooked, otherwise you will go wrong way.

Before launching your project, it is prudent to ensure the feasibility and viability of your future activity. it is important to analyse the technical, marketing, commercial and financial aspects.

2- From project to development

Monter sa boîte et la faire prospérer

Once the project is validated, it is now necessary to create a coherent offer and an adequate strategy in order to position your company on the market, to grow it and to support its growth.

Many steps are required to get there and it can be a tedious process if you do not know where to start or how to develop an action plan.

Strategic marketing aims to clarify the company’s mission (its direction and its strategic decisions). The reflection will therefore be divided into three categories: segmentation actions (identifying the different groups of consumers on the market), targeting actions (determining the targeted segment) and positioning (product position according to certain attributes).

This phase is therefore long-term.

Operational marketing is the application of approved marketing decisions
strategic. For this, the marketing plan rely on Mix marketing, the 4P which are: Product, Price, Place (= distribution) and Promotion (= communication).

It is constituted in the short and medium term.

A conceptual structure that supports the viability of a product or company and explains how the company operates, earns money, and how it plans to achieve its goals.

How people see and perceive your business It’s also the way you, as the owner, and your staff consider and perceive the business. It’s your what, how and why.

Business model – the business model is the key element of the business plan to move from an idea or concept to a sustainable business that is sustainable and profitable. In order to do it, you have to be able to take a step back from his activity, to organize your reflection, to structure your ideas.
It is based on the overall strategy of the company because it answers the question: how will the company earn money?

The use of regularly updated dashboards is essential for monitoring the business activity. Not only will they provide valuable insights into the health of the company, but they will also anticipate and correct gaps.

The idea is to be able to make a one minute presentation to a decision maker, the time of an elevator trip! Goals ? Convince in a very short time a customer or a partner.

3- From development to growth

Développez votre stratégie d'entreprise

The launch stage is now over, your business is growing but slowly. You want to increase your growth. Many entrepreneurs are struggling to move up a gear and build sustainable businesses.

Growing a business takes time, effort and determination to achieve your growth goals.

For a business to grow, new markets need to be conquered or the share of some of them increased.

To be effective, business management needs to be personalized. After analysis of the good practices several parameters such as: the sector of activity, the type of organization, the number of employees, and the type of customers, it will be necessary to choose the solution of management making it possible to answer precisely to the needs of development of the company.

In order for a company to grow, a business needs to acquire customers and make sales.
Prospecting is therefore an indispensable action to achieve these objectives. Because of its importance, commercial prospecting is an activity that requires a set of strategies to be effective.
The success of a business search in SMEs is therefore based on how to develop and organize the campaign.

Diversify is very different from dispersing. Diversification means developing and otherwise exploiting the company’s strengths while remaining in the core business, directly or indirectly.
Any diversification must be analyzed according to the behavior of the customers, the existing range of products or services and the environment in general.

The international development of a company represents a long decision-making process.
Analytical work, financing, or selection of the target countries, are essential steps to build a solid and sustainable project.

Need help with one or more of these steps? Ask for a quote!

Our Programs

Boost Program

Bénéficiez de nos offres coup de pouce New Lifestyle Vision

Packages with low durations for quick missions.

These small packages are ideal for people who want validation, help, review steps or just have an opinion on their project.

A particular point that you would want to enlighten?
We can offer you an individualized consulting session.

Give a hand Program

Optez pour une de nos offres coup de main New Lifestyle Vision

Long-term packages with option: monthly, quarterly or yearly.

These packages have been designed for those who wants daily help.
You want to have access to your consultant several hours a month, freely?

We can build with you a personalized assistance program.
We will be contactable for you by phone or Skype, depending on your package.

"Anyone who has never made mistakes has never tried to innovate."
Albert Einstein

Boost Programs


430£ HT
  • 7H assistance on the road map of a company creation
  • 1 Follow-up ( 1 month later)
  • Email reply within 48H


730£ HT
  • 14H assistance on the road map of a company creation
  • 1 Follow-up ( 1 month later)
  • Email reply within 48H
  • Mind set Coaching


970£ HT
  • 21H assistance on the road map of a company creation
  • 2 Follow-ups ( 2 months)
  • Email reply within 24H
  • Mind set Coaching

Give a hand Programs


1,720£ HT
  • 28H assistance on the road map of a company creation ( terms and conditions apply)
  • 2 Follow-ups ( within 3 months)
  • Email reply within 24H
  • Mind set Coaching


4,280£ HT
  • 84H assistance on the road map of a company creation ( terms and conditions apply)
  • 6 Follow-ups ( every 2 months)
  • Email reply within 24H
  • Mind set Coaching
  • Mentorship- over the phone


12,850£ HT
  • 336H assistance on the road map of a company creation ( terms and conditions apply)
  • 12 Follow-ups ( every 2 months for 24 months)
  • Email reply within 24H
  • Mind set Coaching
  • Monthly meeting
  • Mentorship- over the phone

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