Business development

Conseil aux dirigeants

Launching a new product, outsourcing marketing, reviewing brand identity, revising the strategy to find new customers.
Our expert team will find the best options for your situation.

We have the ambition to provide entrepreneurs or SMEs with expertise and tools previously reserved for large groups.
We can help you set clear business goals, identify your target customers, and create a comprehensive branding strategy to differentiate you.

Your brand is the promise of the distinctive value and memorable experience that you consistently offer to the customers who chose you.
Quality is what creates value for customers.
Quality is what gives satisfaction.
Quality is what creates differentiation.

"As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same."
Nelson Mandela


Time saving

You can focus on higher value-added tasks while the advisor oversees the strategy

Controlled budget

You define the costs at an early stage. No hidden fees.

Increase in productivity

Increase the productivity of your business by using our services.


You benefit from advice according to your needs, at the necessary time.

Adapted solution

Adapted solutions to your situation for better results.

In practice

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  • 3- Determine together your needs

  • 4- Choose the course that suits you

Development assistance

Le principal objectif : augmenter les performances de votre organisation.
NLV est le levier du développement de votre entreprise.
La transformation de votre entreprise, nécessite la présence d’un partenaire capable de vous apporter régulièrement des idées innovantes.
Nous abordons avec vous votre stratégie avec un regard neuf, neutre et bienveillant

Marketing consulting

We offer a tailor-made market research.

We analyse all types of market, local, national but also internationally. Together, we are redefining the future of your business, its position in the face of competition, the evolution of the services it offers

The market and customer expectations are constantly changing. So you have decided to offer new offers to your customers. We are leveraging our experience in the commercial, marketing and market control sectors to bring you solutions to boost your offers and seize opportunities.

In this highly competitive world, where thousands of brands are trying to capture the attention and interest of consumers, brand positioning is crucial to making a lasting impression on the minds of customers.

Good positioning is above all simple, legible, and relevant in the minds of customers. The business value proposition must have an additional dimension to the existing market by being at the same time different, attractive and with a relevant distinctive advantage.

The world of marketing is constantly changing. In fact, the marketing strategy and the techniques for approaching customers must also evolve.

Product design is a strategic issue.
“A business that cannot be renewed, is dying”. The creation of new products and / or services plays a central role in boosting the offer and … rejuvenating it.

Defining a clear and effective business strategy is essential for successfully marketing a new offer in a relevant and optimized manner is mandatory

Strategic consulting

The analysis of the resources and skills of the company aims to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the company in order to make the appropriate strategic decisions.
The external diagnosis focuses on the macro environment of the company as well as its macro environment. A comprehensive diagnosis can highlight opportunities and / or threats for the company.

Strategic planning serves as a map, a roadmap that indicates where the company wants to go, so that all your employees work from the same information. The process includes planning for future operations in a prioritized and realistic manner.

Together we define the strategy of the company to adopt over 3-5 years and the implementation plan.

  1. Attacking new markets,
  2. Guiding international development
  3. Designing and supporting a diversification strategy

​Any strategy of development is an ambitious project, which requires a strong coordination of many actors and a respect of shortened deadlines. We will accompany you in this challenge.

Studying the competitors involved is an important step in any marketing reflection during a business development.
Competitive analysis is part of strategic analysis and has the following objectives:
– identify the key success factors in the sector of activity in which the company operates;
– improve or change its strategy to highlight a key competitive advantage;
– allow the calculation of future investments;
– anticipate the reactions of competitors for the future.

Other needs

The use of regularly updated dashboards is essential for monitoring business activity. Not only will they deliver valuable indicators on the health of the company, but they will also help to anticipate and correct any discrepancies.

To ensure the success of a business, managing the relationship and the customer experience is essential. Knowing your customers and establishing a personalized relationship with each of them is essential to better meet their expectations and thus increase their lifespan, purchases and satisfaction.
Personalization is the key to a successful relationship.

You want to build a real commercial approach for you or your team.
We help you build a sales pitch incorporating questioning, argumentation, negotiation techniques while adapting your speech to your interlocutors. You will be able to respond to objections and conclude.

Whether it’s in-store sales or telephone prospecting, you need to know the main sales techniques to optimize your business performance.

Hand-In-Hand Program​

Constellation Program

Optez pour une de nos offres coup de main New Lifestyle Vision

Long-term packages with option: monthly, quarterly or yearly.

These packages have been designed for those who wants daily help.
You want to have access to your consultant several hours a month, freely?

We can build with you a personalized assistance program.
We will be contactable for you by phone or Skype, depending on your package.

"We can give you the best advice in the world, some lessons can only be learned with falls and blows."
Mohamed Ali

Constellation Programs


1,720£ HT
  • 28H assistance
  • Follow-up for 2 months
  • Email reply within 48H
  • Remote work

3 ***

4,280£ HT
  • 84H assistance
  • Follow-up for 6 months
  • Email reply within 48H
  • Meeting every month
  • Training

5 *****

12,850£ HT
  • 336H assistance
  • Follow-up for 2 years
  • Email reply within 24H
  • Meeting every month
  • Phone meeting every 2 weeks
  • Training

To go further...

You reflect those you do business with

Become a partner of the world’s largest direct saling company in telecommunications, energy and essential services.

You work independently, but not alone!

As an Independent Business Owner (EI), you benefit from a comprehensive support system at every step of your journey, including your personalised Online Store.
It is maintained and updated daily; you just have to invite your potential customers to consult your shop deals with the rest.

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